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Wayne County Taxpayers Association 2018
The WCTA was organized in March of 1982 because of a deep concern over rapidly escalating and unjust property tax assessments.
We are a non-profit, non-partisan volunteer taxpayer organization dedicated to obtaining fiscal integrity and responsibility from all levels of government.In July of 1982, we incorporated with the State of Michigan and proceeded to build our membership.
We have resolved that our officials be more accountable to their constituents for their actions.
We believe that individuals can be effective but that together we can be even more effective. We hold regular membership meetings and also sponsor special and educational meetings on topics of interest to our members and the general community.Only through a vigilant watch of the government can taxpayers be sure that our government is operating in a responsible and effective manner.Information is a very important ingredient of the WCTA.

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P.O. Box 181 Dearborn Heights, Mi. 48127  313-278-8383 wctaxpayers@comcast.net
Our Newsletters are sent to all members as we endeavor to keep all members apprised of existing and pending legislation that will directly effect their lives
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